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THE UFO CLUB - Wolfman

New video for The UFO Club's "Wolfman" off their new LP available in 180g vinyl, cassette and digital download formats from The Reverberation Appreciation Society.

You can stream / listen to and buy the album in the format of your choice on the Austin Psych Fest website: http://www.austinpsychfest.com/store/the-ufo-club-st-lp/

The debut full length from The UFO Club, a collaboration between The Black Angels' Christian Bland and Nights Beats' Lee Blackwell. Recorded in summer of 2010 at Laguna Studios in Austin, TX, the album finds the duo (supplemented by Shapes Have Fangs / Laguna Studios' Skyler McGlothlin) re-imagining 50s pop through the prism of 60s psych and the combined guitar work of Bland and Blackwell. The name is a homage to the legendary UFO Club of Pink Floyd-era 1960s London.
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